Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation


We are a non-profit, 501-C3 (pending). Our mission: The Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation educates about the importance of organ donation, promotes official listing through and provides financial assistance to enable loved ones of recipients to visit them during their important wait for life.

In honor of Molly’s life long mission of bringing to light the importance of Organ Donation and living life to its fullest each day, we proudly present the Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation to carry on her legacy.

Special Announcement: 11-12-13 Christina got her heart! It is in, and it is beating!

People come to our lives for a reason, the special ones teach us something about ourselves to make us better, to learn something about life, to appreciate our differences, to accept our flaws, to embrace life, to have a better understanding about living and make a difference. . . this is who Molly was to so many of us!

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To make a donation by check, please send to: Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation
                                                                                P.O. Box 1106
                                                                                Niwot, CO  80544