Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation

1st Anniversary Poem

On the 1 year anniversary of Molly’s passing, one of her dear friends wrote the following poem:

There is a hole in my soul

And what’s missing is you–

My tiny oak tree with deep roots

That shadows over me with the truth


There’s a gap that fits your hand

When only you would understand

A grip we once shared on this plain

When it was driving us insane


You brought me closer to my brother

And gave me a sister, yet another

You left so many thoughtful gifts

So why do I still feel a daunting rift?


How can I speak to you and hear you talk back?

But when I send a line

There’s a void; a rope gone slack


I’m looking for logic in all of the worst places

Hoping for brightness in dark spaces

I’m skipping meals while going in for seconds

I’m basking in the complacency while my true calling beckons


While I’m in this morass of guilt and torment

I feel you pointing out all of the energy I have spent

Trying to right wrongs that are indelibly untrue

While wanting to solve riddles without any clues


So on this day of supposed grief

I’m looking for a sense of relief

I can’t pretend life isn’t fair

Nor can I complain that I don’t care


I know you’d be shouting and exclaiming

That the thoughts in my mind need rearranging

All the while, I still know your spirit never left

And I get nothing out of being miserably bereft


I’m going to choose to celebrate you, girl

And let my emotions casually unfurl

You’re no longer just a sister, daughter and a wife

You’re a reason to enjoy every moment of this life


So little birdie, keep singing your song

I will still miss you, right or wrong

I’m grateful for the experience of being one of a few

Whose heart connected close to you.


–  EJ