Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation

Yankee Candle Fundraiser

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters of Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation;

Wouldn’t it be great if 40% of the price you paid for your favorite Yankee Candle products went directly to Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation?  Of course it would!  Which is why we are so excited to introduce a new program with Yankee Candle.

Here’s how it works:

You can now order Yankee Candle products on-line-delivered directly to your home or sent as a gift to your friends and family–for the exact same price that you would pay in a Yankee Candle store. 

Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation will get 40% rebate on all products purchased. It’s that simple.

From today through September 30, 2014

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity, great gifts for birthdays, special occasions, Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season, and support the foundation at the same time.

These much needed funds will assist and supplement our budget.

To get started, simply click here or go to,   In the Start Shopping Box, insert your group number (990065674) You will be on your way to supporting Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation.  Start shopping and share this number with friends and family.

To send e-mails to “Friends and Family” simply click here or go to,  In the Start Shopping Box, click Create Seller Login. Insert your special group code (990065674) under Sign Up to Be A Seller.  Follow steps 1-3 to confirm your e-mail address. 

Once you have registered with Yankee Candle, you have the opportunity to send out e-mails to “Friends and Family” for their support. Simply enter their name and e-mail on the Seller Dashboard and Yankee Candle will send out an e-mail on behalf of you and Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation.  You may preview the e-mail before sending.  Share this great offer with your out of town “Friends and Family”.  40% of their purchases will also go to Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation. Remember, don’t forget your co-workers.

We will keep you updated on our results.  Thank you for your continued support.

All the Best,

Have a great summer and fall,

Molly Pearce-Eaker Foundation